EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler ver. 9.36 (One ex4 to mq4 Decompilation License)

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“EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler” is a tool which allows MetaTrader 4 users to decompile (decode / decipher) any executable .ex4 files (including files from original marketplace) of Experts / Indicators or Scripts to the editable .mq4 source code.

NOTE: The decompiler .ex4 file is protected from self-decompilation!

Version 3.89 works for ALL .ex4 files created with MT4’s compiler builds from 2013 – 2020

NOTE: This version specified to decompile only one .ex4 file.

137 reviews for EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler ver. 9.36 (One ex4 to mq4 Decompilation License)

  1. Rody Allen (verified owner)

    Great effort.

  2. M-rh (verified owner)

    One of the best services in the market, highly recommend these guys.

  3. Ferran Rachana (verified owner)

    I need some idea for which ea to use this decompiler ticket

  4. Nasimiyu Peyton (verified owner)

    Really it’s amazimg got some certified EA’s almost for free.

  5. Hilary Vespasiano (verified owner)

    This guy is simply amazing!! Recommended for sure, works the best and the person from support (Salva) is really delivering what he is promising. Keep the good work!

  6. Marietta Kylee (verified owner)

    Having source code from your EA is the most important thing. is a good Deal.

  7. Aina Adriano (verified owner)

    800 for full that is a lot, I will buy it if everything goes well

  8. Pandeli Ratna (verified owner)

    Heard about this website
    Tried it
    Best service to decompile

  9. Mahendra21 (verified owner)

    I am very happy to having you.. God Bless You <3

  10. Edi (verified owner)

    Best price here. Just awesome.

  11. Ralfs Donavan (verified owner)

    Bought this package and now i have successfully decompiled the last build expert which I seek to decode for a few weeks already. Definitely the best decompiler. Good business with you.

  12. Benjaminas Ajith (verified owner)

    Very good i got

  13. Kizzie Roldán (verified owner)

    Nice service … Thank you for the help

  14. Dayton18_Z (verified owner)

    they saved my experts thanks

  15. Timaios Jurgita420 (verified owner)

    I didnt believe this service but when i use it its so great

  16. Otabek (verified owner)

    Perfect! Idea is very good. Thanks for Support

  17. Mervin Widald (verified owner)

    Finally, a vote service that is reliable. Fast and easy, helped me a lot!

  18. Filippu Pheobe (verified owner)

    Best money i ever spent. Now things will be going faster

  19. Cor Göksu (verified owner)

    Great decompilation service actually, totally encourage people to buy it than spending thousands dollars for official priced EA’s which are not work as described! Cheers

  20. Magni Alexandra (verified owner)

    You won’t be dissapointed truly. Perfectly done.

  21. Dagda Edmondo12 (verified owner)

    Quickly decoded thank you for that

  22. NM (verified owner)

    Perfect service

  23. seven_UP (verified owner)

    Nice app and services good

  24. Venu (verified owner)

    Received it thanks man

  25. Rhoxane Enver Forex Team (verified owner)

    * Needs to be more like this

  26. ForexCirino (verified owner)

    Very satisfied.. Keep it up..

  27. Herminia Nilo_Forex_Robots (verified owner)

    Merci beaucoup

  28. Avgust Eziz (verified owner)

    Great to work with this app. Delivers what he says, Top notch seller, very fast delivery, and a genius quality always!

  29. Luc Cipriano (verified owner)

    This is a very reliable website!
    I bought services

  30. BessieTrue (verified owner)

    Tornerò di certo per richiedere nuovamente altri servizi perché sono rimasto molto soddisfatto e colpito da tutta la loro professionalità

  31. Ishan (verified owner)

    Best in class real and high quality decompilation

  32. Feray Asher (verified owner)

    suggest to all mq4 coders, very helpful tool to ressurect the codes.

  33. Xavier (verified owner)

    Great service

  34. Maurício Luz (verified owner)

    Satisfeito com o serviço que esses caras oferecem. Muito profissional e dentro do orçamento. Trabalho incrível

  35. Mitesh (verified owner)

    In here i got the good decompiler. The payment processing was also simple and reliable

  36. Chemiz (verified owner)

    very cheap

  37. John Winner (verified owner)

    best decompiler in the market ty once u will enjoy it all good files decompiled u will get so all of u try once

  38. Lando (verified owner)

    Thanks so much I love your one file decompile they are lot more cheaper than others & Good service.

  39. امیرحسین قیاسی (verified owner)

    wow it work
    its real ex4. decoder

  40. Sonya FX Eydís (verified owner)

    Thank you!

  41. MUHAMMAD MAJID (verified owner)

    decoder came to me. I also received gift pack with some ex4’s I will check them further. thank you very much

  42. Heshel Hero (verified owner)

    I thin it’s the only trustable site to decompile worth if

  43. Ádhamh Profits (verified owner)

    Best work. Vey vital

  44. Baldr Dorji (verified owner)

    Good day! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice job done. I will probably be coming back to buy one day version for more soon.

  45. Vasilii Eleonore (verified owner)

    Nice run through , it’s amazing and everything’s real , Thank you soo much ex4tomq4org!

  46. 72iPetra (verified owner)

    The support is excellent and the delivery is very fast. Did not expect it paying with bitcoin. Thanks.

  47. Jacó Islam (verified owner)


  48. Danny Ho3 (verified owner)

    Awesome tool,just decompiled the whole pack of collected EA’s for last time
    Thank You So Much!

  49. Serge Demizyaran (verified owner)

    Nice! I’m happy that I could buy the original version of this decoder. It is pretty easy to work wiith and decompiles good. Cheers

  50. Bahtiyar Karay (verified owner)

    Yeni aldım ve harika çalıştı

  51. Carly Diniz (verified owner)

    Better than any other decompiler software, leader in its area! The codes are very clear and with comments.

  52. Zetty Snolcer (verified owner)

    Veey cheap price for an actually awesome thing

  53. Platon Carmina (verified owner)

    Very fast service. Would recommend.

  54. Ruben X (verified owner)

    The file was decompiled fast and easy as on the video shown and perfectly worked

  55. Sigihild Khulan (verified owner)

    Nice service, really good team best price, i recomend it

  56. Cornelius17 (verified owner)

    Muito bom! O único que realmente funciona, recomendo a todos!

  57. Nelson (verified owner)

    Definitely worth for this price. fast delivery!!

  58. Sairaj (verified owner)

    Real and nice.. So fast.. Fast reply for solve my issue .. Best customer support thanks again

  59. Reza (verified owner)

    Nice run through , it’s amazing and everything’s real , Thank you soo much

  60. Wajeeda Soltani (verified owner)

    Good Service HERE ON EX4TOMQ4ORG!
    I really love how it is simple to decompile with this tool.
    I am wondering how I could purchase full license software?.
    Because it’s actually my 3 file for last week and it would be better to have a non-limited possibility with additioal discount.
    Thank you Admin support
    Have a nice business!

  61. Chatckhai Chaiwicheetkul (verified owner)

    Easy to order. Fast Service. Great Decoder. Fair Price

  62. Darwin Trades (verified owner)

    Thank you support
    Nice service 100% satisfied

  63. Ponzio63 (verified owner)

    useful i want to rate 5 star or more!

  64. Dave (verified owner)

    Number 1 website to decompile experts

  65. Parvan Jacinta (verified owner)

    This is great i bought it to decompile one ex4 expert advisor for my programmer. thanks for instant delivery.

  66. Aquilinus Era (verified owner)

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  67. Nishant (verified owner)

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  68. Omolara Ivo (verified owner)

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    can I get some discount now?

  69. green star (verified owner)

    Great Experience With This Website! I paid my Order and downloaded the item thank you so much I can decompile what I needed now!

  70. Acke Stelian (verified owner)

    money making product very helpful

  71. Yewande900 (verified owner)

    This is the only decompiler that works so good

  72. CaptainReza KingStar (verified owner)

    Great decompile service! Legendary app! Love you guys

  73. Esteban Arias (verified owner)

    Happy that i found this

  74. Spiridon Raimund (verified owner)

    Money well spent. Worth it

  75. Mohan33 BVB (verified owner)

    I bought it and now received the download link.
    Works good.

  76. Sony Larson33 (verified owner)

    Wow i got mman so thanks

  77. Victor Obasi (verified owner)

    Very cheap and reliable, plus quick delivery. I highly recommend it, legit stuff.

  78. Алексей Сельцов (verified owner)

    Top !!

  79. Broadband Device (verified owner)

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  80. ThePreneurs (verified owner)

    Happy I finally found what I want. This is highly commendable

  81. Siddharth (verified owner)

    I am recommending this decompile to others also. Keep this good work up.

  82. Andreson Sylva (verified owner)

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  85. Gwendolyn (verified owner)

    This is very excellent and real. Best way to go this year.

  86. Rahul Gandhi (verified owner)

    i got decompiler right after payment and with gift with other files thank you for helping me to get the decompile for exe4 which is really working

  87. Airido (verified owner)

    Best decompiler service. Thank you

  88. Esaul Hazer (verified owner)

    After many fake ways to get mq4, real ex4 to mq4 org I meet your site and I use your ways, it’s fantastic, good job

  89. Perfect Scalper (verified owner)

    Good service, fast replies. Just love it. Thanks.

  90. In There (verified owner)

    It happened ,like magic. Thanks

  91. North Face9 (verified owner)

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  92. Immanuel ForexProfit (verified owner)

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  93. Raju (verified owner)

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  94. Ulli Jiahao (verified owner)

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  95. ömer (verified owner)

    Having source code of your personal trading robot is one of the important things in algotrading. This site very affordable to decompile last builds ex4’s.

  96. Alexey Seltsov (verified owner)

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  98. Jung Räshit (verified owner)

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  99. David (verified owner)

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  101. Roshan018 (verified owner)

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  102. Eliseo Gordian (verified owner)

    Such amazing team.
    I bought this decompile for one file and it was delivered very quickly.

  103. Estefânia (verified owner)

    The best site ever. If anyone have good EA for unlock you can PM me on Telegram Dr Samon Narge

  104. Hilary Vespasiano (verified owner)

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  105. Majid Jovadi (verified owner)

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  106. Visitación (verified owner)

    Great service thank you so much. Will purchase more

  107. SIDIQ (verified owner)

    Amazing work on restoring my veeeery important indicator which i accidentally lost source code from. Just fantastic

  108. Joko Widodo (verified owner)

    Nice Serviçe, 100% satisfied. Hope to make business again soon .. Price so cheap… Thanks

  109. Alani Chifuniro (verified owner)

    Amazing service i hope any one can use this with lower price!

  110. Vera Vasu (verified owner)

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  111. Nach (verified owner)

    Did not believe, this was possible, until I found this! I am going to purchase full now! number 1 top notch !!!

  112. Lysistrata Angerona (verified owner)

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  114. Best business (verified owner)

    My advise for every forex traderman to stop purchasing fake ea’s on for huge money. and use this service in order to check any EA or indicator REAL workability .

  115. Imiya Salviani (verified owner)

    Nice to have the source codes ^^ TNX!

  116. lavern ghada (verified owner)

    I searched all web
    This is the best place to decompile fast

  117. Levi Claire (verified owner)

    exactly what is said, it helped me to remove restrictions from one very good EA for which seller asked too much which I even could not effort. Very good!

  118. Iron Man (verified owner)

    Buy full codes and enjoy that you could save 99% of money for educate the thing.

  119. Dagmar Trader (verified owner)

    decompiled 1000 usd cost EA at a very nice price in grateful

  120. Carin Warcisław (verified owner)

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  121. Calixta FX2020 (verified owner)

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  122. China lounge (verified owner)

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  123. Greg Samiwan (verified owner)

    THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE EX4 DECOMPILER IN THE WORLD BY NOW. I did not get the positive result on any available in public ex4 decompiler except this particular one. After a payment I got the download of rar archive with the whole stuff. Order #5704

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  127. (verified owner)

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  128. Salva (verified owner)

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