EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler ver. 9.36 (Unlimited Decompilations Full License)

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“EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler” is a tool which allows MetaTrader 4 users to decompile (decode / decipher) any executable .ex4 files (including files from original MQL5.com marketplace) of Experts / Indicators or Scripts to the editable .mq4 source code.

NOTE: The decompiler .ex4 file is protected from self-decompilation!

Version 3.89 works for ALL .ex4 files created with MT4’s compiler builds from 2013 – 2020

NOTE: This version specified to decompile unlimited numbers of .ex4 files without any time restrictions.

43 reviews for EX4 to MQ4 Org Decompiler ver. 9.36 (Unlimited Decompilations Full License)

  1. James Broleirsman (verified owner)

    Legit site. Got it

  2. OLADAPO OLABAYO (verified owner)

    Thanks for recommended best price……………..Great work

  3. Eric (verified owner)

    Very professional and in budget. Awesome job

  4. Sylva (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery.

  5. Eugenio (verified owner)

    Sto consigliando

  6. متعب الرويلي (verified owner)

    خدمة راقية

  7. XDiver7 (verified owner)

    Cool. Worth of money. Received so fast.

  8. Celeste Don (verified owner)

    real trust able. I bought and really works want to appreciate

  9. Daniel B (verified owner)

    I got real decompiler
    Thank you

  10. Emanuel Neves Urias Filho (verified owner)

    I need also ex5 to mq5 auto software

  11. Roberto Cuéllar (verified owner)

    i like this program that very helpful for my business

  12. Debra mochan (verified owner)

    I was searching for this and finally i found it!

  13. Alper Course (verified owner)

    this was the most expensive ex4 decoder which I ever bought and so far the best one I have received, thank you

  14. San.diego (verified owner)

    They help people get real codes without additional spending,

  15. thomas al (verified owner)

    unbelievable its perfecccct

  16. Teejay (verified owner)

    Proper decompilation on all my unresolved ex4 made now so easy. I have been wanting to do this since a long time thank you

  17. Vimbai (verified owner)

    Very needed tool. +++ Recommend

  18. Cheryl (verified owner)

    I’m happy with how quickly I received the product, program also works excellent.

  19. thomas (verified owner)

    Sources matter dude… It matters

  20. sabaker (verified owner)

    the best forex decompiler of world!
    thank you..

  21. Noi (verified owner)

    Thats a black friday babe!

  22. amirmm11 (verified owner)

    I love itIt is very very good. Today is cheap and real . buy it now. Thank you MR.social. perfect

  23. Bong412 (verified owner)

    awesome product. Could successfully restore some projects, priceless thing!

  24. Talib Jafari (verified owner)

    Highly rated service. Totally trustworthy on this Happy New Year to ALL! Thanks

  25. Sony Kumur (verified owner)

    Very gooood ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  26. Moky (verified owner)

    Great decompilation software nowadays with the nice site and support team

  27. Binary Opt (verified owner)

    Best Program Got! Thanks You Very Much Ex4 Store!

  28. Ange Tudes (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for good supporting

  29. Alan Jowett (verified owner)

    Fast and reliable, I used this service before usually for single .ex4 file but today I couldnt miss opprtunity and came through fast and really helped me to decompile the reest of the experts. Wish you a happy trading Alan Jowett

  30. Adept (verified owner)

    The decompiler is so good

  31. Harish Bhatiya (verified owner)

    Best Decision i have made so far.

  32. JaLover (verified owner)

    very very useful and nice product

  33. Kingsam (verified owner)


  34. Jay Senon (verified owner)

    Decompiler very helpful. Definitely costs its money.

  35. Antônio Maciel Fagundes (verified owner)

    solid price but it saved me a lot more money.

  36. Katrien Kasias (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for your honest service.

  37. Vudher (verified owner)


  38. Nick Paul (verified owner)

    It’s super efficient.thanks

  39. Franco Colsin (verified owner)

    Brilliant software. Decompiling the robots very quickly now. Thank you thank you and thank you!

  40. Nomad Zone (verified owner)


  41. Semlon (verified owner)

    the best decompiler, definitely nice to have it!!!

  42. Rey (verified owner)

    I recommend it to all of you who areseeing this review! Best price thank you

  43. Crypto mark (verified owner)

    Hi This is a good EX4 decompiler I am testing it right now. The support is good so far ! Cheers !

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